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Storage units

How big are Mobistore's storage units?



8.3m3 - Internally 2.2m (L) x 1.75m (W) x 2.17m (H).

10m3; Internally 2.4m (L) x 1.70m (W) x 2.4m (H).


Want to see what you can fit? Try our Storage Calculator

How many Mobistore units will I need?

If you are looking to de-clutter before selling your house, then one Mobistore unit will be sufficient.


Generally speaking, if you are storing a whole house lot allow one Mobistore unit per bedroom of your house.



To store EVERYTHING in a 2 bedroom house, will require 2-3 Mobistore units

To store EVERYTHING in a 3 bedroom house, will require 3-4 Mobistore units


To get an accurate indicative, try using our Storage Calculator

What are Mobistore units made from?

Mobistore Units are made of 12mm thick untreated plywood. The smooth walls ensure your furniture is not bruised or snagged during loading.

Are Mobistore units weatherproof?



They are made of timber framing and plywood and when at your place they are covered with heavy-duty waterproof covers.

Are Mobistore units secure?



You can lock your Mobistore unit with padlocks. Mobistore sells padlocks or you can provide your own. It is mandatory that each unit have at least one padlock. Mobistore stores your packed unit(s) in its purpose-built, secure storage facility which has monitored security systems.

Delivery service

Do you charge for Mobistore unit deliveries?



Depending on the delivery service you request will determine the delivery fee.  We have standard delivery fees for deliveries within our Auckland service area and if you are moving out of town we will POA.

To get your items into storage:

1 Hr Self-Load Service:

(We transport the unit to your house and wait 1 hour while you load, then transport the packed unit to our facility)

Two Week Self-Load Service:

(We transport the unit to your house and leave it on your driveway. When you have loaded it give us a call and we will collect within 48 hours)

Full Service:

(Two professional removalists arrive with the unit, load it, then transport the packed unit back to our facility)

Where can I get a Mobistore unit delivered to?

Mobistore delivers storage units Auckland wide. Mobistore will also re–deliver your storage unit out of town if you are moving away from Auckland after storing with us. Please call 0800 662 478 with your specific requirements.

I live just outside Auckland. Can you deliver a unit to me?



Call us on 0800 662 478 and we can recommend the most cost effective option for getting your items into storage. Outside service area charges may apply. 

How much space do I need for a Mobistore unit delivery?

If you order the "1 Hour Self-Load" or the "Full Service" the storage units arrive on the back of a flat deck truck. The driveway needs to be a minimum of 2.8m wide and we require space for the ramp to give access to the storage units.


If you order the "Two Week Self-Load" service we deliver the unit with our custom built vehicles. We require the driveway to be minimum of 2.8m and need to review either on Google Maps, via photo you provide or by FREE site appraisal to check our custom vehicles can deliver the unit to your place. More often than not, WE CAN.


Do I need to be there when you deliver the Mobistore unit?

If you order the "1 Hour Self-Load" or the "Full Service" then you need to be there at the agreed delivery time. 


If you have ordered the "Two week Self-Load" service then you DO NOT need to be there for the delivery, just let us know before the delivery date if you have any specific unit placement instructions.


When are your delivery services not available?

Deliveries for the "Two week Self-Load" service are Monday - Friday.


Deliveries for the "1 hour Self-Load" and the "Full Service" are Monday - Saturday.


Deliveries are not available on Public Holidays and all delivery services take a break until the second week of January. Call 0800 662 478 for a confirmed Christmas closure period.

I have a storage unit stored with you. Can you deliver it to me so I can get some items out?



We offer the exact same delivery service options to existing customers as we do for new customers.


You can also access your storage unit at our premises to avoid the service delivery fees if you like.

How much notice do you need to deliver a Mobistore unit to me?

If you are a new customer wanting an empty Mobistore unit delivering to your house we can usually deliver within 48 hours. 


If you are an existing customer wanting your Mobistore unit delivered to your place we require a minimum of 48 hours notice and subject to delivery schedule availability.

How do I arrange a Mobistore unit delivery?

CALL: 0800 662 478


EMAIL: bookings@mobistore.co.nz

What does it cost for my unit to be Re-delivered back to my house?

Depending on the re-delivery service you request will determine the re-delivery fee.  We have standard re-delivery fees for re-deliveries within our Auckland service area and if you are moving out of town we will POA.

To get your items out of storage:

1 Hr Self-Unload Service:

(We transport your unit to your house and wait 1 hour while you unload, then transport the empty unit back to our facility)

Two Week Self-Unload Service:

(We transport your unit to your house and leave it on your driveway. When you have unloaded it give us a call and we will collect the empty within 48 hours)

Full Service:

(Two professional removalists arrive with your unit, unload it, then transport the empty unit back to our facility)

Unit access

Where are your storage facilities located?

179 McLeod Road, Te Atatu South, 0610.


Locate us on the map.

Can I access my items at your facility for free?


How do I book an access to my Mobistore unit?

CALL: 0800 662 478

EMAIL: bookings@mobistore .co.nz

Two working days prior notice is required when booking an access to your Mobistore unit.


If you require access at 3pm on Wednesday, please ensure your make an access request before 3pm on Monday. 

To access your Mobistore unit at the weekend, please request your access before 10am on the Thursday.

Holiday/public holiday access


Account balances must be up to date before requesting access to your Mobistore unit.

Is accessing my unit at Mobistore's facility easy?



Your Mobistore unit will be located at ground level for easy access. You can park your vehicle next to the unit for easy loading/unloading.

Billing & payment

When does my storage term start and end?

Your storage term commences on the day the empty Mobistore unit arrives at your house.


Your storage term ends on the day the last item is removed from your storage unit.

How do I pay for your services?

Mobistore will send you an invoice that allows you to make payment via Credit Card, Debit Card or by online bank transfer. 


When you first become a Mobistore customer you are required to pay for the initial delivery fees and the first months storage prior to the empty Mobistore unit being delivered.


When paying by credit card you can choose to pay manually each month; or you can opt for Mobistore to automatically charge your credit card on your storage renewal date.


Mobistore accepts NZ bank Debit Cards, Visa and Mastercard.

Does Mobistore store my Credit Card details?


All Payments are handled by a secure PCI compliant third party gateway which forwards them securely to the banking network.


Do I need Insurance?

Mobistore recommends customers always have Insurance cover for their items. We have partnered with New Zealand’s largest Insurance broker to offer affordable Insurance policies that protect against loss of those items you value the most.


Home and Contents Insurance policies typically don’t cover items stored in self-storage facilities. We recommend you check your home Contents Insurance policy. If you don’t have a policy that covers your items while in storage we offer a comprehensive Insurance solution.


For just $15 per month Mobistore can provide $10,000 of Content Insurance cover, (or multiples of).


To purchase Contents Insurance from Mobistore simply request the cover value you require when making your initial Mobistore booking and it will be added to you invoice.

What items am I prohibited to store?

You must not store hazardous, dangerous, illegal, stolen, perishable, environmentally harmful or explosive goods listed below but not limited to:



Dangerous Goods


Flammables (including matches, lighters, candles, fireworks)






Mobistore units are designed to hold household items, all furniture, whitewhare, clothes, sports gear, kitchen contents, electronic devices, etc. Mobistore units are not designed to be used by builders as an onsite workshop for storing building materials or tools.


We recommend that you don’t store anything that is irreplaceable, priceless or of great sentimental value.

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