Self-storage with a convenient twist!

Similar to traditional self storage, Mobistore offers both short and long term self-storage options (see our specials). Mobistore is unique in its ability to deliver the storage units to your door, you load them (or we can), then we transport them back to one of Mobistore’s storage facilities. No more double handling your items in and out of trailers to get into storage.

Now in its 7th year of operation Mobsitore has recently launched its house moving service. Mobistore can now offer a traditional furniture removal service for customers moving within Auckland or to anywhere within the top half of the North Island.

Ryan & Rowan (brothers) are proud owners of Mobistore. They have built a hardworking, friendly team that is here to serve you and help you move & store with a smile.

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Mobistore units can be delivered to your home or business so all loading can be conveniently done at YOUR PLACE. Or you can treat it like a regular self-store facility & bring your items to our facility.

Mobile self storage unit delivery

Different SIZES

Mobistore have two size units, an 8.3 cube & a 9.3 cube so can cater for all your awkward items.

Mobile self storage unit delivery

Loaded by YOU or by US

If you want to save a few bucks, load the unit yourself. If your circumstances don’t allow, we are more than happy to send a couple of friendly loaders to do all the heavy lifting.

Mobile self storage unit delivery


Prior to leaving Mobistore, all units are throughly cleaned to ensure they are customer ready. When they are at your place, we pop a weathertight cover on them. Anything your load in your units dry, will come out dry!