Packing tips


If you pack well it makes moving so much easier!

1. Before you store, get organised

If you need packing boxes and materials you can order from our range of packing materials when you order your Mobistore unit. We advise that you pack everything or at least those items you treasure the most.

Make a list of what will be going into storage and take pictures.  This process will also help you determine how many Mobistore units you should need and may come in handy for insurance purposes.

2. Label everything

Be as specific as possible e.g. ‘Glen’s Winter Woollies – Thermals and Fleeces’ instead of ‘Kids Clothes’. You may also want to number boxes and create a manifest or even create a diagram of where items are placed in your Mobistore unit.

3. Fill your cardboard boxes to the top and consider transit

This will save space in your Mobistore unit, and also because cardboard boxes with empty space at the top have a tendency to collapse under the weight of boxes stacked on top of them.

Use bubble wrap or newspaper for breakables and label them as ‘fragile’.  Always put heavy items at the bottom and try to distribute weight across several boxes.

While your Mobistore driver is trained to drive with care while transporting your stuff, things can move if not stacked with transit in mind.

4. Think about the future

Make sure that you have easy access to items you’re going to need when you come back to retrieve things.  If you’re keeping seasonal clothes or sports gear, like a surfboard for instance, you’ll probably want those near the door since you may need to get to those easily.

You may want to stack boxes around the perimeter and leave the middle for a large item that is easy to move out (for example, a table) so that you can access everything.

5. Avoid Moisture

Ensure that everything packed is clean and completely dry.  Do not store anything that may leak or is wet and may attract mould.

6. Safety when packing your Mobistore unit

  • Determine if you can carry a load comfortably; tip it on its side if necessary
  • Get help if the load is too big or bulky for one person
  • Keep your back straight, with no curving or slouching
  • Centre your body over your feet
  • Lift with your legs, not your back
  • Work as a team; lift, walk, and lower the load together