Albany storage facility


Office hours

Mon – Fri  9:00am to 5:00pm

Access hours

Weekdays from 7am to 7pm, 24 hour notice is required prior to accessing your storage unit.

Weekend from 8am – 6pm, this must be arranged before midday on the Friday.

Closed on Sundays, Public Holidays and during the Christmas holiday season.


Restricted Access

Access by appointment only. Unlike traditional self storage, we don't allow customers free access to the facility so  your stored items are not at risk from theft opportunists or arsonists!



CCTV coverage of both the external and internal of the facility. Cameras record on motion, operate 24x7x365 and are monitored remotely on alarm activation.


Access Security

Mobistore staff permitted access only. Electronic security on all doors and gates of the facility. Intruder detection alarm with 24x7x365 third party monitoring.


Physical Security

Physically robust facility with precast wall construction and a 2.4m high spiked palisade site perimeter fencing with electronically locked gate at all times.


Fire Protection

The facility has an automatic call out to the NZ Fire Service in the unlikely event of a fire. The buildings fully specified sprinkler system ensures your items are fully protected.



The facility ventilation system swaps the air inside the facility 10 times / hour and replaces with outside fresh air. This creates good airflow around the timber units allowing them to breath resulting in a healthy storage environment for best storage preservation.



More insulated than a new residential house! The highly insulated building minimises temperature ranges experienced inside the facility. R3.6 thermal insulation rating in the walls and ceiling of the facility - even the concrete floor slab is insulated!



Built to 130% of New Building Code Standards the building structure is designed to Importance Level 3 ensuring you items have improved protection against earthquakes.