Need help packing?

Don’t have time or muscle power then call our recommended removalist, they will help you pack your units ready for pickup.

Save money!

Avoid paying twice as much when using self storage, see how mobile self storage makes it cheaper with removalists!

How it works

removalistWe deliver Mobistore units
to your door.

removalistWe collect & store in
our secure storage facility.

How much will my storage cost?

Price comparison

Save money (up to 50%) on removalists when you store with Mobistore!



2 UNITS /16.7 m³


Travel fee $47.5
Packing into truck $190/hr
Travel fee to facility $47.5
Packing into storage  $190/hr

$475 (FOR 5 HOURS)


Travel fee $47.5
Free delivery of storage unit
Packing into storage $190
Free pickup of storage unit

$237.5 (FOR 2½ HOURS)

Price comparison assumptions

Removalists are packing 2 units

Removalist rates range from $70 – $135 per hour, this depends on the total number of removalists provided on the job

1 hour to pack each unit, that’s assuming all pre-packing was complete prior to removalists arriving

We have assummed all items can fit into the storage unit

Why Mobistore?

Mobistore helps busy people like you to easily and safely store the things you don’t have room for. We deliver mobile storage units to your door and position them so you can easily and safely load your stuff.  There’s no time pressure to finish packing – when you’re done, just lock it and give us a call. We’ll come and collect your Mobistore unit and take it back to our secure storage facility.

Mobistore Units aren’t physically connected to a trailer, so your Mobistore unit can be left with you to pack at your convenience.  Just call us when it’s ready to collect (if we haven’t heard from you after a couple of weeks we’ll call to make sure everything’s okay).