Access and redelivery

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How much notice is required to access my unit?

You must provide no less than 24 hour notice when requiring access to your unit.

Can I access my storage onsite at Mobistore?

Yes, just call 0800 662 478 or email

Does it cost me anything for access?


Can I get weekend access?

Yes, just call 0800 662 478 or email before 3pm on Friday to make an appointment. Your unit will be made available on both Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 7pm.

Can I get access after office hours (after 5pm)?

Yes, however you must make an appointment prior to 3pm the day before you require access. For security reasons the storage facility is closed from 7pm – 7am.

Can I get access during office hours?

Yes, however you must provide no less than 24 hour notice.

Will it be easy to access my unit?

Yes, all units will be located on the ground floor for easy access. You can park your vehicle next to the unit for easy transfer.

Can I get frequent access to my storage unit?

If you need daily access then please call 0800 662 478 to discuss your requirements. This type of request is quite rare unless your a small business.

What is the process when I'm onsite at Mobistore?

On weekdays walk around to our reception, we will check your identification and then provide you access to our secured storage area.

On weekends you must call our 0800 662 478 number, they will check your identification and then provide you access to our secured storage area.


Do you provide a re-delivery service?


How do I arrange a re-delivery?

You can call 0800 662 478 or email

Is there a re-delivery charge?

Yes, $60 is our standard charge for re-delivery however there may be additional charges for outside service areas.

Can I have a re-delivery to collect a few items?

Yes, the standard $60 charge applies for the re-delivery for short term access. When you are ready for pickup just give us a call or email. The pickup is always free.