How it works

How it works

Mobistore helps busy people like you to easily and safely store the things you don’t have room for.

Mobistore delivers mobile storage containers to your door and positions them so you can easily and safely load your stuff.  With Mobistore there’s no time pressure to finish packing – when you’re done, just lock it and give us a call. We’ll come and collect your Mobistore Unit and take it back to our secure storage facility.

Whether you’re moving house or simply storing extra stuff, call 0800 662 478 or book now.

Mobistore storage service

self storageWe deliver Mobistore units
to your door.

self storageYou/We load.

self storageWe collect & store in
our secure storage facility.

self storageWe re-deliver the
Mobistore units back
to your door.

Need to know how many storage units?

Mobistore moving service

wedeliver_2We deliver Mobistore units
to your door.

you-pack_1You pack and lock them
& let us know when
they're ready for pick-up.

we-move1_1We pick-up & transport
to your new house.

Advantages of moving with Mobistore Vs truck hire

1 bed unit

Need less than 1 month storage? It's included in the price!

2 bed unit

Pack/unpack on ground level - NO RAMPS!

3 bed house

We do all the driving - no special truck licence required!

4 bed house

Make your next house move a stress free one!