Storage Te Atatu

Mobile self storage for Te Atatu

Need help packing?

Don't have time or muscle power, don't worry we can help!

Need storage?

Free delivery for Auckland service areas

Free pick-up back to our storage facility

Free access to storage

No booking fee or bond

No administration charges

No time limitations for packing

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See how it works!

Mobistore delivers mobile self storage units to your door and positions them so you can easily and safely load your stuff.   With Mobistore there’s no time pressure to finish packing – when you’re done, just lock it and give us a call and we’ll come and collect your Mobistore units and take them back to our secure storage facility.

self storageWe deliver Mobistore units
to your door.

self storageYou pack & lock them
& let us know when
they're ready for pick-up.

self storageWe collect & store in
our secure storage facility.

self storageWe re-deliver the
Mobistore units back
to your door.

Need to know how many storage units?

Why use Mobistore's Mobile Self Storage?

Storage that comes to you

Free delivery and pickup service
Pack your stuff once, no unpacking at the facility
Units delivered on the ground, no carrying up ramps
Take your time and pack
Save time and money with no truck or trailer hire

Storage that you can visit!

Come onsite or arrange a re-delivery to you door
Great access, no narrow corridors or trolleys needed
Storage located on the ground floor, no stairs or lifts
Insulated, ventilated, fire protected and secure
Save money on long term storage

We keep your stuff safe!

Your belongings are important. Mobistore offers secure storage – security is paramount to us. We’ve invested $4 million dollars in our purpose-built mobile self storage facility in Albany, Auckland.

It's all about service!

Mobistore is New Zealand's first company to build a mobile self storage facility!

Delivering storage units to all areas of Auckland including , the facility is secure, highly insulated, well ventilated and structurally built to Importance Level 3 (130% new building code regulations) making it the ideal storage environment for your precious belongings.

For health and safety and security the storage area is for Mobistore staff only, which means it's off limits to the general public. Customers wanting to visit their storage unit should call or email Mobistore the day prior so their storage unit can be placed in the access area ready for their visit.

Mobistore's Auckland based mobile storage service makes moving house and storage stress free. residents can enjoy being in the Mobistore Auckland service area and can take advantage of moving house or storing stuff without hiring a truck, mileage costs, petrol or dealing with tardy furniture removal companies.